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Top Tips to fund a Workshop

Top Tips to Fund a Creative Computing Workshop

Are you keen to book one of our exciting and engaging workshops but worried that your school budget won’t stretch far enough to cover the costs? Well, we have some good news for you, firstly our prices are very competitive and we’re always happy to discuss a range of options to help you bring down the cost if needed, like holding a half-day mini workshop instead of a full day. Always get in touch to discuss your needs first!

If your budget still just isn’t stretching far enough read on for some top tips from the schools we’ve visited! 


1. Combine Department Budgets

An approach we often see when visiting schools is the combining of department budgets. Due to the nature of our workshops, they cover various subjects within the National Curriculum; in particular, Design and Technology and Art. Often schools combine their department budgets together to fund a workshop that covers multiple subjects. For example, if your school also runs the Kapow D&T curriculum, we can make your year 2 ferris wheels come to life using Computing and electronics, or how about sensor-activated automatons with year 6? We’re open to ideas and can adapt our workshops to suit your specific subject needs!

Of course, if you want to link to art our Activated Art workshop is very popular and can be adapted to any theme:

We don’t just cover D&T and Art. Our Healthy Mind, Healthy Body workshop also links to Science and PSHE and we offer Move and Code which is linked to Dance and Performing Arts.

2. Trip Alternative

Some schools opt for a full-day workshop with the children contributing towards the cost as an alternative to a trip. This often works out cheaper per head for parents with no travel costs on top and provides a rich learning experience for children! As we are able to easily theme our workshops to suit your needs this can easily be linked to the current topic or book.

3. Pupil Premium Funding

As stated in the Government Guidance on the use of Pupil Premium, schools are able to use Pupil Premium funding to  support wider strategies such as extra-curricular activities. It can also be used to fund CPD activities to support high quality teaching and learning.

4. PTA

Many schools have a very active PTA who are often happy to partially fund workshops in school if, like ours, they are closely linked to the National Curriculum.


Well, that's our round-up of top tips! Are we missing anything? Leave us a comment below if you’ve found an alternative method of funding that we haven’t covered here.

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