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Haunted Hallway Halloween - U Can Too at iOi

During half-term U Can Too Tech revisited Institute of Imagination to work with 24 children on a Halloween themed robotics workshop. The young makers, worked in pairs to create spooky robotic creations which they showcased in the Haunted Hallway. 

It was so rewarding to hear the squeals of delight from makers and parents alike, as the young makers took their guests on a tour of the new spooky dwelling of their robotic creations. Makers explained to adults how they made the creatures of their imaginations come to life using the Birdbrain Technologies LLC#HummingbirdRoboticsKit, and also got a chance to explore all of the other creations made over the workshop.

We had lots of Bats, Lightning, several Ghosts, a Pumpkin, and a couple of Zombies... see if you can spot them all in the video.

Check out the video below to see the Halloween-themed Fun!

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