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Arts Award

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and Arts Award Advisor

With the demands on curriculm focusing more and more on maths and literacy, there is less room for creativity within children's education. Where countries gross domestic product (GDP) is service-based, the importance of generating an innovative future workforce is paramount.  To make great innovators opportunities for creativity, problem-solving, making and application of knowledge need to be provided.  Learners need to understand how their knowledge across the subjects can be combined to make great and valuable end results.

A U Can Too, we feel that the digital world provides a great opportunity for this.  By incorporating other subjects, such as the arts, with technology, learners who usually regard themselves as 'not interested in tech' become engaged and excited about what can be achieved.

It is our passion for this creative combination that has lead U Can Too to attain Arts Award Advisor status and to become an Arts Award Supporter.

Arts Award Supporter - Workshops:

There are many workshops which we can provide to connect technology with the arts, with art focuses which include dance, music, robotics, performance, books, poetry and artistic creations.

Arts Award Advisor:

As an Arts Award Advisor, we can support you in the creation of your programme, as well as providing assessment prior to submission for moderation.

If you are interested to know more about either our Arts Award Supporter offer or Advisor service, please Contact Us and we'll get in touch.

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