Hacking Lights

Hacking Light

 Online Physical Computing Workshop - Beginners  

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Ideal Age: 7 - 11 Years
Dates: Wednesday 17th June from 10:30am - 12pm

Workshop Kit Required

Workshop fee and Kit Option 1: £29.50

  • including BBC micro:bit with croc leads & LED lights 

Workshop fee and Kit Option 2:  £16.50

  • including croc leads & LED lights (for techies with their own micro:bit)
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Hacking Light Workshop - Wednesday 17th June

Workshop & Kit Options
Age of participant


This workshop is all about taking something that works perfectly well and making it better!  Hacking is often thought to be negative, but durign this workshop children will find out about hacking an object to make it do something it couldn't do before.  They will adapt 2 sets of basic battery operated fairy lights, changing them from continuous single colour lights to flashing lights with changing light sequences and more.  The power of this workshop is in showing children that they don't have to accept 'off-the-shelf' items as they are, they can use new knowledge to make change. 

This workshop challenge provides opportunities to learn and practice:

  • Maker Skills
  • Core fundamentals of programming taught at Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 including:
    • Sequence
    • Iteration

What will young participants need?

I laptop with a power supply or a desktop computer:

  • With either a built-in or external webcam and microphone
  • With a high-speed internet connection
  • At a table with space around to work
  • Earphones or a headset are recommended, except when parents are joining to support their techie
  • A micro:bit starter kit (we have stock of these available for purchase)
  • 3 x croc leads (included in the workshop kit)
  • 2 sets of fairy lights (1 x white fairy lights, 1 x blue fairy lights - inlcuded in the workshop kit)

Will an adult need to accompany their child?

We ask that an adult remains present in the room with safeguarding in mind. 

This also means if your child runs into difficulties, there is someone on hand to support.

The adult doesn't have to take part in the session and could easily be sitting nearby achieving other tasks.

If your child is not confident at opening the croc leads, which can be tricky, please ensure that an adult is present for the first 45 minutes of the workshop.

How will the workshop be run?

We will use a paid-for Zoom account which will be invitation only and will be locked once all participants have arrived.  The workshop will be delivered by our experienced Enhanced DBS certified workshop facilitator.

Can you tell me more about the workshop itself?

This workshop uses a free online programming environment which allows the workshop facilitator to efficiently support your child whilst coding.

During the workshop, our workshop facilitator will welcome the group and introduce how to use video communication software as a member of a group and share the expectations.

After the initial introduction, techies will move on to the workshop itself where they will:

  • Find out about circuits and simple electronics
  • Connect the parts for their make
  • Explore the free programming platform used in the workshop to code the lights
  • Learn about the fundamentals of programming
  • Transform single colour static lights to create a simple 2 colour chasing light sequence with multiple output patterns, which they can proudly share!

By the end of the workshop, participants will have a simple understanding of electronics and be familiar with the free online environment introduced in the workshop.

Equipment used in this workshop can be used in other workshops.

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