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sphero 3 Technology Events provide a fantastic way to further develop children's abilities, a means of showcasing pupil's achievements in Technology and can also kickstart the introduction of a new approach Computing within your school.  It has proved a successful and fun way to engage all audiences, whether that be, pupils, parents, teachers or the community in a fun and exciting way. 

U Can Too will work alongside your school, ensuring that all staff involved have the skills and confidence needed to support the event. 

Tech stock held by U Can Too can also be incorporated into your event providing a range of experiences, opportunities and excitement for learning within your pupils. 

We encourage schools to consider assigning event roles to pupils who show a high interest in technology.  They can gain great benefit from being more directly involved in the delivery of a Technology Event, perhaps through providing support to a member of staff, or those with the relevant skillset may relish the opportunity to support others on their own stand.

Key Benefits:

Pupils thrive on sharing knowledge and digital creations with parents

Purpose for learning, through sharing and showcasing digital achievements

Self-directed progression for pupils

Showcase your school's tools & resources

Share with parents the free resources available

Build teachers' confidence

Raise your school's profile engage parents

Encourage collaboration within families

Build relationships through collaboration with surrounding schools and colleges

Explore skills within local community

By involving pupils, many additional soft skills are gained, including responsibility

Would you like to know more about events?

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