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The world of technology is a fast paced, ever-evolving world which can be challenging to keep up with.  This is especially true within education, where teachers' time is already stretched.

The subject of Computing is often perceived as a dry topic, particularly when delving into the mechanics that now need to be included in the primary curriculum, such as understanding Networks.  If that subject doesn't excite the teacher, it can be a painful journey for all involved in the learning journey.  We mustn't forget that many teachers have never received training which meets the requirements of the 2014 computing curriculum.

U Can Too can provide the training your teaching staff need to extend their own knowledge on the subject and increase their confidence.

Through CPD, U Can Too can provide tools for your school and staff enabling them to not only meet the Computing Curriculum, but deliver it to pupils in engaging ways.  Your training will incorporate ideas for extending those pupils who are more able and those who need more clarity.  We recognise your need to teach concepts in ways that excite and capture the various types of learners and will provide an array of ideas to suit.

With the ongoing, in-school challenge to teach a wide curriculum in a given amount of time, we also recognise the importance of employing technology across the curriculum.  It is with this in mind that your CPD will also include cross-curricular opportunities to embed learning both within the computing curriculum and the embedding of concepts from the wider areas of the curriculum.

CPD sessions can be delivered in a variety of ways:

  • INSET 
  • On-site twilight sessions
  • Observation of Workshops delivered to pupils
  • Attendance at one U Can Too's training courses delivered in partnership with EIS Kent

To whet your appetite below are some of the many courses available.  New titles are regularly added and it is worth noting that this list is by no means exhaustive, we also relish the opportunity to tailor training to your own requirements:

Understanding & Delivering the Computing Curriculum

look at what needs to be taught to meet the 2014 Computing Curriculum and tools that can support its' delivery

Teaching Computer Science - Coding &  Programming

from introducing programming, through to providing a deeper knowledge across the key stages

Teaching Information & Digital Literacy

covering many aspects from understanding digital footprints to understanding search engines

Teaching the Mechanics of Computing

including the basics of computer hardware, an introduction to networks and data

Creative Computing Across the Curriculum

a variety of creative methods for embedding computing across the curriulum, whilst highlighting the aspects of the 2014 Computing Curriculum which require discrete delivery

Learner Progression in Computing

delve into the computing curriculum looking at methods for ensuring an understanding of key concepts alongside ideas for extending your more able pupils

Engaging Teachers, Learners and Parents using Computing

engaging your various audiences can be one of the most challenging aspects of the new curriculum, discuss methods, suitability of methods for your environment and create a plan enabling you to action those methods and ultimately meet your goal!

Would you like to know more:

  • about CPD
  • about further training we offer
  • about a bespoke training tailored to your school's needs
  • about progressive CPD

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