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Robot Maker Camp: 9-11 Years

 Online Summer Camp - Intermediate

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Ideal Age: 9 - 11 Years
Dates: Session 1 - Tuesday 25th August from 1pm - 3pm
Session 2 - Wednesady 26th August from 1pm - 3pm
  Session 3 - Thursday 27th August  from 1pm - 3pm
  Session 4 - Friday 28th August from 1pm - 3pm

This workshop runs across 4 x 2 hour sessions and includes a Workshop Kit 

Workshop Fee and Robot Maker Workshop Kit : £125.00*

  • including 2 BBC micro:bits with accessories, ring:bit, 3 servo motors and materials 

*£20 per participant discount applies for multiple bookings

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Robot Maker Camp for 9-11 Year Olds - afternoons 25-28th Aug 20
Participant Age & Special Reqs


Using a combination of mechanisms and code young participants will have a great time designing and building their own robotic character whilst learning how servo motors can be used to control mechanisms and also combined to create a range of interesting movements for their robot make. They'll end up with a robot that can show expression through movement, that they will then remotely control! 

Once the robot has been put together, participants will create code that makes their robot do various movements on input.  For example, their robot will blink and can also nod and shake it's head.  These head movements provide the opportunity to create lots of expression within the robot, making this session lots of fun with plenty of room for creativity and resulting in a robot with real character!  

As well as coding, participants will spend time building their robot make including the putting together the mechanisms.  The majoriity of the first session will be spent building the robot. 

After the workshop participants can choose to design a character for their robot and decorate it to suit.  They will also have the skills to be able to tinker with their code to program more movements if they want to.

This workshop challenge provides opportunities to learn about and practice:

  • Maker Skills
  • Electronics
  • Core fundamentals of programming taught at Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 including:
    • Sequence
    • Iteration
    • Selection
    • Variables
    • Procedures

What will young participants need?

Participants will be provided with a special workshop kit which includes all the unusual bits that they need for the session.  In addition to the workshop kit, participants will need:

1 laptop with a power supply or a desktop computer:

  • With either a built-in or external webcam and a microphone
  • With a high-speed internet connection
  • At a table with space around to work
  • Earphones or a headset are recommended, except when parents are joining to support
  • Additional resources:
    • Sellotape
    • Scissors
    • Ruler
    • Pencil
    • Masking Tape (Optional)

What's in the Robot Maker Workshop Kit?

Workshop Kit includes:

  • A micro:bit starter kit 
  • a second micro:bit
  • A ring:bit
  • 3 x servos 

Various materials and parts including precut pieces, 3D printed parts, cardboard and connectors.


We already have a micro:bit, can we use that?

If you already have a micro:bit or other components in the Robot Maker kit, please state this in the order and we will contact you to find out exactly what you do and don't need.  We will then create a kit based on your requirements and process a refund for the components that you do need. 


Will an adult need to accompany their child?

We ask that an adult remains present in the room.  This request is with child safeguarding in mind. 

The adult doesn't have to take part in the session and could easily be sitting nearby achieving other tasks.

If your child finds fine motor skills challenging, please ensure that an adult is involved for the first 45 minutes of the initial workshop.

How will the workshop be run?

We will use a paid-for Zoom account which will be invitation only and will be locked once all participants have arrived.  The workshop will be delivered by our experienced Enhanced DBS certified workshop facilitator.  The zoom invitation will be sent to you before the workshop with instructions on how to join.


Is there a discount for multiple bookings?

For multiple bookings a £20 discount is available for both, that's a saving of £40! 

Important note! Each participant will require a laptop with internet access and Zoom.  If particpants are in the same household, please make sure that your internet connection can support multiple connections streaming video.


Can you tell me more about the workshop itself?

This workshop uses a free online programming environment which allows the workshop facilitator to efficiently support your child whilst coding.

During the workshop, our workshop facilitator will welcome the group and introduce how to use video communication software as a member of a group and share the expectations.

After the initial introduction, we will begin teaching participants to code, moving on to the workshop itself where participants will:

  • Find out about circuits and simple electronics
  • Connect the parts for their make
  • Explore the free programming platform used in the workshop to code the robot
  • Learn about the fundamentals of programming
  • Build the code for their make
  • Transform simple everyday items into their own robot with a winch mechanism and x & y axis movement, which they can play and proudly share!

By the end of the workshop, participants will have a simple understanding of robotics, be familiar with the free online environment introduced in the workshop and have a moving robot that they can further build on.

Equipment used in this workshop can be used in other workshops.

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Online Workshop in Progress 

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