Feb Half-Term Tech Workshop

February Tech Workshop

Tuesday 13th February 2018

  • Ages 7-17 

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  o Learn the Tech

  o Plan and Design the Solution

  o Build the Solution

  o Test your Make!

Once again, we are pleased to be offering a tech workshop during the school break.  

This half-term we are offering an opportunity to build a robotic hand from everyday materials, which can be taken away at the end of the session.  During the session, we will automate the hand, using the Hummingbird Robotics Kit, exploring how we can grasp an object, and how we can go on to automate motions such as pointing.

Workshop details are below, including the location and detail on the software required for the session.  

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Day Date Time Activity Focus Location
Tues 13th February 1pm - 4pm

Programmable Robotic Hand

Device Needed: PC, Mac, Linux

New Location:

Horlands Farm, Summerhill Road,TN12 9DB

The Farm is also home to Cedars Equestrian and Cedars Forest School.


Horlands Farm is the only turning on the right once you turn down Summerhill Road from the A229

During each activity, techies will be introduced to the software and hardware that they'll be using.  They will then apply gained knowledge to plan their solution, designing their response to a given problem.  Techies will then work either independantly or collaboratively to make and build their creation.  

As well as the skills that are being directly taught, such as circuits, or programming etc... there will be opportunities to gain soft skills (team work, communication of ideas, collaboration etc...).

Participants should bring a laptop, if possible (if this is not possible, let us know, we have a small supply of our own, that we can loan for the session).

As always, we will endeavour to collect images and video across each session and share on the U Can Too Clubs facebook page (where permission is given), enabling children to proudly share their work with family and friends.

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Robotic Hands
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What do I need to know?

Q: Where is the workshop?

A: We're at a new location.  Horlands Farm is in Summerhill Road, which is just opposite Staplehurst Transits.  Once you turn into Summerhill Road, follow the road until you reach the first right turn this is Horlands Farm, also home to Cedars Equestrian and Cedars Forest School. Be aware that when you follow SatNav to TN12 9DB, it will direct you to turn left on Summerhill Road, you will need to ignore SatNav and just travel a few more metres to get to Horlands Farm.

Q: I'm having difficulty paying via the PayPal button, how can I pay?

A:  Occassionally, we have had individuals experience difficulty paying via the PayPal button.  When this arises, we can easily raise a PayPal invoice instead, which overcomes the problem.  If you are experiencing difficulty please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for help.

Q: When can I arrive?

A:  We ask that you arrive no earlier than 12:55pm.  Before this we will be setting up, this time is needed to ensure that we are ready in time.

Q: What do I do if we arrive late?

A:  Of course sometimes uncontrollable circumstances get in the way and cause us to be late; if this does happen, please still come in, but you may need to wait a moment for us to find the best time to include your techie.

Q: When should I collect my techie?

A: Please collect your techies promptly at 4:00pm . 

Q: I'd like someone else to collect, is that possible. 

A: You must advise us if someone else will be collecting your techie.

Please ensure that this is agreed with us in advance by emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Q: What age-groups are invovled.

A: These workshops are aimed at ages 7-17. 

Q: What should my child bring?

A:  A laptop, with a USB port, relevant software installed and ability to connect to our Wireless Device. Also, please bring a drink, it's thirsty work!

Q: What software do I need to install before the workshop(s)?

A:  Please refer to the table below for links to the relevant software.


BirdBrain Robot Server

Download Link



Scratch Including Adobe Air

Download Link


Your techie mayalso need the ability to connect to the internet, please ensure that they have rights to add a wireless device which we will bring to enable this. If you don't have a laptop, let us know.

Q: Will there be more clubs?

A: We intend to run sessions during every school break, except the Christmas break.

Q: You have previously offered Arts Award accreditations, will you be doing the same with the Summer workshops?

A:  We foud that the Arts Award Discover Level, didn't have a high take up.  We did have more interest in the Arts Award Explore Level which is a recognised qualification.  However this takes approximately 1 week to complete (either consecutively or over a course of sessions).  With this in mind, we need to consider how to best fit this into our offering.  If you are interested in hearing more about the Arts Award Explore Level QCF recognised qualification, then please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Q: Can you tell me more about Arts Award?

A: From Easter 2017 we began to include either the Discover or Explore Arts Award within some workshops.  The workshops themselves will be exactly the same for everyone, but there will be an opportunity to apply for a certificate at the end, should you wish to.  There is a fee for the certification, charged by Arts Award, the fee is dependant on the award level achieved.  We would, in time, like to add value to longer courses, in the form of higher levels of accredication. Achieveable levels would be either Bronze or Silver (GCSE equivalent), possibly moving on to Gold, (A Level equivalent/16 UCAS Points).  These longer courses, would be completed over several sessions over several months and will provide the opportunity for techies to gain accredidations recognised by Higher Education and Further Education institutions as well as Employers.  I'm sure you can see the value in exploring these as much as we can.  

Q: Why Arts Award, isn't this a techology club?

A: It may come as a surprise at first to see that we are offering Arts Award certification.  What do art and technology have in common?  If you have a closer look at our workshops, you'll see that there is a lot of design, and creativity involved and it comes into play more than you might first think.  Creatvity is very important in the realms of technology and qe feel that the inclusion of Arts Award can really encourage and develop that creativity as well as nuturing many additional soft-skills which youth will find invaluable, not only in their education but also in employment.

Q: How will I know if a workshop includes the option of an Arts Award?

A: We will let you know if the workshop/course that you have booked on has an Arts Award associated with it. Please note, that whilst the Arts Award certificate does incur a separate fee, there is no expectation for you to apply for the certificate and not applying for the certificate will not affect the value of the workshop in any way.  If you have any questions relating to the Arts Award, please just let us know.

Q: What is the cancellation policy?

A: If you find you need to cancel, we provide a full refund for cancellations make 1 week in advance of the session. any advice provided between 2 and 7 days in advance of the session will receive a 50% refund, for cancellations made less than 48hours in advance of the workshop session, no rfund wil be made as the session space will be booked and resources purchased etc...  All advice must be provided in writing by email and by phone on 07771 747499.  

Useful to know:

Su Adams and Volunteer Mentors have DBS checks

There are several facilities nearby for those who have travelled but would like to stay local.  Millbrook Garden Centre can be found on the A229 just north of Summerhill Road, whilst just south you'll find Frankie's & Staplehurst Nurseries, in Clapper Lan and Staplehurst itself offers Helen's Coffee Ship, a small range of local shops and the library.

We are an inclusive club.  Everyone has a right to be involved, to join in and we all have something to offer as well as learn.  If you have concerns, or feel that your child would benefit from the club more if you provided extra information, then please get in touch.

U Can Too support Cedars Forest School a great place for outdoor fun, click here to find out more about Cedars Forest School

 Have we forgotten something?

If you have any queries not covered above, please just email and let us know This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Technology Workshop at The Mall, Maidstone

On Friday 8th April U Can Too ventured into Maidstone to run a technology workshop in the middle of The Mall, shopping centre.

This pop-up workshop was run as a book in advance or drop-in session, so we had the pleasure of some familiar faces and lots of new faces too.

This was a wonderful way of running the session as those familiar with our format were able to get going on a task, whilst others could be led by one of the Mentors, including one of our lovely youth Mentors. George.  

During the sessions, we discovered that the majority of drop-in visitors hadn't had the opportunity to code before and seemed to thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to find out more about how they could use code to 'make things happen'.

In fact we're delighted to say that we all had a bundle of fun and even a wonderful new invention from one lovely young lady, who created a Teddy Bear Games Controller!  I don't know about you but I love the idea of switching from playing a game whilst getting a fluffy hug too!  

We also experienced the newfound musical masterminds of two lovely young sisters who applied their musical and coding talents to Sonic Pi.  Creating sounds in Sonic Pi is the easy bit but these young girls layered many sounds to create a complex piece of music, making adjustments until these layers played in time with one another, a challenging task, and done in a very short amount of time too! The end result had us bopping away to the beat... yes, yes we really were dancing in the middle of the The Mall; perhaps we should've removed the headphones first!

In Minecraft children, wrote code to make a huge slab of clay arrive in their world, which they then sculpted. Others attempted walking on water, whilst others enjoyed leaving a path of obsidian behind their every step. We saw some fantastic problem solving too as many children needed to adapt to navigating Minecraft using a keyboard and mouse on Minecraft Pi, rather than playing using a controller.

Whilst on the Makey Makey track, children used the Makey Makey alongside Scratch to turn tin foil tart cases into a drum kit, games controller and more including one young girls fantastic creation of the day a cuddly games controller in the form of a teddy bear.  With the help from our Youth Mentor, she used knowledge of electronic circuits and a little bit of coding in Scratch, the Teddy Bear could be used to move a character around a scene.

You can see by the smiles that a great time was had by all, with many children asking how the could do more at home!!

Thanks to the Mentors for helping and thanks to all of the visitors to our Pop-up Workshop who came along and enjoyed the fun.


Were you there?  We'd love to hear from you, feel free to comment below.



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